Abstract submission

NOTE: The abstract submission deadline has been extended to 8th of April 2016.

The abstract submission for the ECAART12 has opened and can be done here abstracts.ecaart12.fi

Each abstract submission is identified by an Abstract ID. To create a new abstract first request a new ID. Once logged in to the system you can use the abstract submission page to produce an abstract very close to the final appearance.

Use the submission form to add contact information, authors and affiliations. Remember to select an affiliation(s) for each author by clicking the right number. Each author must have a valid email address. Please select the topic of the abstract and the preferred presentation type (oral or poster).

The abstract text is limited to 500 words. The abstract page is typeset with LaTeX which allows you to produce special symbols and formatting using LaTeX syntax. The paragraph change in the text is made using two consequent newlines. More information about LaTeX syntax in our Short LaTex Guide.

In case you have multiple pictures it is recommended to create a single file which contains all of the figures. Mark the subfigures with (a), (b), (c), etc labels, which you can refer to in the figure caption.

The whole abstract should fit in one page in the preview.

Please remember to save and preview your abstract before submission.